(In-Person) Cosmetic Eyelid/Brow/Facial Surgery Consultation With Physician

Have a personal, customized, and thorough evaluation and discussion of options and recommendations of surgical means to correct your areas of concern. Dr. Hudak is known to consistently give the very best results in eyelid and brow surgeries. She is this area’s most expert!

(In-Person) Face or Body Cosmetic Consultation with Non-Physician

The trained, experienced staff of All About Aesthetics is available for FREE customized consultations of your face, skin, and body concerns. We will address products and procedures with recommendations to optimize your results and ensure getting the “best bang for the buck.”

(In-Person) Facial/ Neck Cosmetic Consultation with Physician

A consult with the physician for non-surgical means to enhance the face or body/ skin.

Virtual Face or Body Cosmetic Consultation with Non-Physician

-Live Stream

Online customized consultation with a staff service provider is available in English or Spanish. All of our consultants have YEARS of hands-on experience with our procedures and products. Let us assist you in feeling GREAT about your appearance!(Note: Surgery consultations of face/eyelids must be with the physician.) Upon purchasing a product/service, your $50 fee will be credited.

Virtual Facial/ Neck Cosmetic Consultation with Physician

-Live Stream

We offer consultative services online to our patients for their convenience. Please understand that it is not quite a substitute for an in-person evaluation….but it is a very good alternative for many!