Radiesse is a wonderful FDA-approved bio-stimulatory type of filler that gives IMMEDIATE results, that usually peak in improvement in 3-4 weeks, and often lasts more than a year!!

It is especially great at improving the jawline to a strong and youthful size and shape, which results in an improvement of the appearance of fat and skin under the chin as well as the jowls. Males particularly like the chiseled appearance and “mid-face lift” they can get when it is injected in the cheeks area.

When the “hyperdilute technique” of Radiesse is used by Dr Kessler Hudak, one can get a softer, rounder volumizing, as is generally preferred in the temples. Additionally, Radiesse can do a phenomenal job at rejuvenating volume to aging hands!!!

For returning skin dermis to a youthful thickness and texture, “super hyperdilute” Radiesse can be injected into areas of flaccid, saggy skin (such as necks, lower face, above the knees, and batwings of upper arms). This is optimized when a procedure such as micro-needling with radiofrequency is added, or a PRP procedure, and/or Celluma medical-grade LED light therapy.

Radiesse is injected with an anesthetic, so pain is minimal. To get optimal results, you should take Vitamin C supplements afterward, and consider LED light therapy (Celluma).

For the uncommon occurrence of a Radiesse nodule, Dr. Kessler Hudak can dissolve it in 1-24 hours with an injection of sodium thiosulfate.

The Bio-Stimulatory Agent types of the filler include Radiesse, Sculptra, and BellaFill. They each produce 2 kinds of collagen…a stiffer one to build up the infrastructure, and a softer one to improve the tone and texture of the skin. In the case of Radiesse, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite, known for many decades to be safe and very biocompatible. It enables surrounding tissue to be integrated into its matrix for a beautiful and natural appearance.

The number of syringes you will need is generally about 1 per decade of life…but varies widely depending on the individual as well as the person’s collagen-producing response.

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