“BellaFill = Holy Grail.”   – Real BellaFill Patient

BellaFill is a fantastic FDA-approved bio-stimulatory type of filler that gives incredible naturally younger-looking results over a 4-5 month period. When injected it renders PERMANENT volume enhancement, earning it the title of the “5 Year Filler”….because after 5-6 years, a person who had it may want a small tweak to treat (just) 5-6 years of aging. The few months of evolving improvement means no one can quite put their finger on what it is about you that makes you keep looking younger and younger.

It is especially great at improving the upper and mid-face to a youthful size and shape, which results in an improvement of the appearance of under-eye hollows, temples, sallow cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, as well as jowls. Its results look very similar to those of Sculptra.

When the “hyperdilute technique” of BellaFill is used by Dr. Kessler Hudak, one can get thickening of thinned, flaccid skin (such as necks, lower face, above the knees, batwings of upper arms). This is optimized when a procedure such as micro-needling with radiofrequency is added, or a PRP procedure, and/or Celluma medical-grade LED light therapy.

When used with subscission, the rolling scars of acne can be treated very effectively.

BellaFill is injected with an anesthetic, so discomfort is minimal. To get optimal results, you should take Vitamin C supplements afterward, and consider LED light therapy (Celluma).

BellaFill is the most studied bio-stimulatory filler on the planet! It also has the smallest incidence of nodule occurrence….which is just 2 in every 100,000 cases!! (And most of those cases with nodules occurred in association with the “bolus technique”; Dr. Kessler Hudak uses the “threading technique.”

This filler is, at present, the best value for most people, due to its PERMANENT improvements in volume. One can have 2 or 3 syringes injected, and go and add another 1-2 syringes in 2-3 years without “losing any ground” in making their face more youthful. This makes it easier on the patient’s cash flow.

The Bio-Stimulatory Agent types of the filler include Radiesse, Sculptra, and BellaFill. They each produce 2 kinds of collagen…a stiffer one to build up the infrastructure, and a softer one to improve the tone and texture of the skin. In the case of BellaFill, the active ingredient is PMMA, a micronized polymer that has been used in the body (such as intraocular lens implants after cataract removal) for more than 50 years. While it is virtually impossible to be allergic to BellaFill, it is (rarely) possible to be allergic to the medium the BellaFill is dispersed in….for which reason, you need to have a small skin patch test done weeks before the BellaFill is first injected.

The number of syringes you will need is generally about 1 per decade of life…but varies widely depending on the individual as well as the person’s collagen-producing response.

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