Tattoo Removal

We are happy to introduce our top-of-the-line PicoLazer for your tattoo removal needs! How does this technology work? PicoLazers deliver 1064nm and 532nm wavelength pulses in picoseconds—literally, a trillionth of a second—to the tattooed area to break up the small tattoo ink particles. While traditional Q-switched lasers deliver photo-thermal pulses that heat the skin and surrounding tissues, PicoLazer uses photomechanical technology to shatter the tattoo particles into much tinier particles than a Q-switched laser, which leads to more quick and effective removal of the tattoo.

PicoLazer patients report shorter recovery time compared to Q-switched lasers and fewer treatments to remove the tattoo. PicoLazer tattoo removal can even remove stubborn blue and green ink and can be used in areas that have already been laser treated. For all these reasons, the PicoLazer has become the new gold standard of laser tattoo removal.

Does it really make a difference which laser I go with? YES! The pico technology allows the laser to break up the ink in the tattoo into much smaller particles than the Q-switch technology. Your body is then able to absorb these smaller particles more easily, which results in the tattoo removal process being much faster. The patient below still had a visible tattoo after 10 Q-Switch treatments, but after 1 treatment with a picosecond laser, the tattoo is virtually invisible.

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