Optimizing Your Patient Experience

Here at All About Aesthetics, we want you to have the BEST experience and the BEST results from your treatment here.


  • Please eat a little something before your arrival! Anesthetics of all kinds will respond better with food in your system.
  • Help yourself to our Relaxation Room: a private room with coffee, champagne, music, and a heated massage chair to help you destress before your treatment.
  • Come prepared! If you’re coming for an injectable of any sort, make sure you’ve reviewed the Blood Thinner List and have avoided these foods prior to arriving.


We have several anesthetic options available at your request.

  • ProNox (Laughing Gas)
  • ProNox is a nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture that you inhale through a mouthpiece to help significantly reduce pain perception and anxiety. You can safely drive yourself home just 20 minutes after breathing normal air! Should you choose to keep your mouthpiece and tubing, you may have the gas anesthetic at 50% off for future treatments!
  • Topical or Injectable Anesthetic
  • For those needing stronger-than-normal amounts of anesthesia for a procedure, we offer a specialty compounded topical anesthetic or physician-administered nerve block that give phenomenal results! We want you to be as comfortable as possible!


  • Remain off blood thinners as directed by Dr. Hudak and staff– this will lessen the bruising and swelling you might otherwise experience.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C! We recommend 500-1,000mg taken DAILY for at least 1 month post treatment
  • Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis, so the more consistent you are taking this, the better your skin will respond to treatments!
  • Use a Celluma LED light therapy device (can be purchased from the office). This, like Vitamin C, stimulates collagen production to get the most bang for your buck!
  • Monitor your progress and contact the office with concerns or questions!

Do You Want to Look Naturally Younger and Feel Great All Over?

We strive to improve the quality of life of our patients through procedures and products that aim to correct flaws and rejuvenate! Please contact us or check out our social media for information on current office specials!

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