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For permanent fat reduction and incredible skin-tightening, injectable deoxycholate (especially in combination with phosphatidyl choline) gives AMAZING results. We like best to use the original formula of Kybella, known as mesolipotherapy, which is about 4 times stronger than Kybella, at a fraction of the cost.

Virtually 100% of patients can see less fat in the neck and more skin-tightening with even one treatment! The fat reduction is permanent, and the skin-tightening lasts for years. The number of treatments needed depends on the amount of fat to be gotten rid of.

Dr. Deborah Kessler Hudak first learned of mesolipotherapy in about 2003 and sought out to be taught by the inventors of the procedure (and Kybella). She has many before and after photos you can see in the office.

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Mesolipotherapy (MLT) vs Kybella vs CoolMini

Each offers permanent fat reduction, which is evident starting about a month and continues for 3-5 months after treatment. There are almost no contraindications for each treatment choice.

MesoLipotherapy (MLT) and Kybella cause a “chemical death” to the fat cells, using an ingredient natural to the body; namely deoxycholate. MLT is the original, fortified (stronger) formulation of Kybella. It is more effective than Kybella at fat reduction and skin-tightening. Also, one can sculpt out the neck and jowls more accurately to desired contours using MLT/Kybella.

MLT takes about 5-7 minutes of injection time, will cause pain (moderate-to-severe, lasting usually 68 hours just after the treatment, and easily taken care of with oral pain medicine), and immense amounts of swelling (which peaks 20-28 hours after injections and is almost gone after 2 days…and the more swelling, the more skin tightening as shown by the published works of Diane Duncan, MD, one of my teachers).

The discomfort is due almost entirely to the death of fat cells (bye-bye fat, forever!!). The needles used are tiny, skinny needles, ~1/4 inch long and smaller than those used to start an I.V. line in a newborn infant. We use topical anesthetic pre-treatment to lessen the pain of the tiny needles.

CoolMini causes a “thermal death” to the fat cells, freezing them to death, since fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other body cells. CoolMini does not tighten skin.

CoolMini handpiece of CoolSculpting takes 1 hour per treatment session and has no significant aftermath to deal with, except some redness and swelling, mild to moderate in amount for a couple of hours at most. Pain is minimal. The discomfort is due to the strong suction and cooling plates used. A person usually needs 3 or more treatments. To tighten the skin after CoolMini, one usually needs another skin-tightening procedure.

For face/neck areas, both procedures can give patients transient hoarseness and mild discomfort swallowing solid food for about 4-12 hours in the first 24 hours after treatment, but there are no problems with breathing. The number of treatments of either modality depends on both the amount of fat present and the experience level of the physician.

Dr. Hudak has been performing the deoxycholate injections for more than TEN YEARS and has performed thousands of these treatments, with tremendous satisfaction of patients for the neck/jowl area. She was taught by the inventors* of the procedure and Kybella/MLT formula. She has each treatment type available and finds patients have a more desirable outcome from the MLT treatments.

*Jacques LeCoz, MD; Adam Rotunda, MD; Diane Duncan, MD; Patricia Rittes, MD; Roman Chubaty, MD; (Michel Pistor, MD, via J.LeCoz, MD)