Dr. Deborah Kessler Hudak and the All About Aesthetics team are committed to offering customized treatments and personalized care to help improve your confidence, look naturally younger, and feel great all over! Our skilled team offers a wide range of facials to target common skin concerns including:

For Wrinkles and Skin Tightening

What are wrinkles and why do we get them?

Wrinkles are simply in-set creases in the skin, commonly at skin lines that fold in with facial movement (smiling, raising the eyebrows, squinting the eyes, etc.). Over time, these skin folds eventually set in due to the stretching of skin collagen and increased skin laxity. We can prevent the formation of wrinkles by using high-quality skincare products that promote collagen as well as the use of neurotoxins (Botox products).

How do we treat wrinkles?

As for wrinkle treatment, the ultimate goal is to get that stretched-out collagen back to being tightly coiled. We do this by various types of collagen stimulation. In the form of facials, this means causing microabrasions and minor trauma to the skin so that the body sends an influx of healing factors to the skin, promoting collagen synthesis and repair in the process.

The best facials for wrinkles and skin tightening:

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For Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, and Sun Damage

What causes skin discoloration?

The primary culprit of skin discoloration on the face is, you guessed it, the sun! UV Radiation from solar rays causes cells in the skin tissue to increase their melanin production. Over time, this increased melanin causes spots on the skin to permanently discolor, commonly referred to as “sun spots”.

Rosacea, a skin condition causing the skin to become red in certain areas (usually the cheeks), is triggered by factors such as alcohol and sun exposure. Other factors of skin discoloration are also at play here, such as pregnancy, contraceptives, certain medications, and genetic predisposition.

The best facials for hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and sun damage:

If you are having trouble deciding which facial to get, stop by the office or give us a call to speak with our skincare experts on what is best for YOU!

For Skin Texture and Scarring

What causes skin texture?

Skin texture comes in many forms and is caused by many factors. Some of the most common forms of texture are acne scarring and skin congestion. Facial skin has embedded oil glands for skin hydration. While generally helpful, these oil glands can easily become overstimulated and clog, leading to things like inflammatory acne, noninflammatory acne (whiteheads and blackheads), and other textured bumps. Skin texture can also be from a lack of hydration and a buildup of dead skin cells.

How can I prevent and treat texture?

Prevention primarily depends on the source of your texture, but generally keeping up with exfoliating routines will help reduce the buildup of oil and dead cells. When we look to facials for treatment, the goal is to exfoliate off the damaged or dead top layers of skin and promote new growth from below.

The best facials for skin texture and scarring:

If you are having trouble deciding which facial to get, stop by the office or give us a call to speak with our skincare experts on what is best for YOU!