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The name “Botox” has become synonymous with products that relax muscles in order to reduce certain wrinkles, reduce certain types of muscle spasms, and reduce certain types of headaches. In actuality, Botox and products that act like it are called “Neurotoxins” or “Neuromodulators.”

Neurotoxins are products that bind to a receptor site on target muscles, preventing contraction of that muscle. The target muscle is (forcibly) relaxed for 3-4 months, and muscles that act opposite them can then contract unopposed. By having a strong knowledge of the location and action of muscles and their “opposing muscles,” an injector can artistically make you look years younger!

Dr. Kessler Hudak has been injecting Botox since 1992, making her NC’s most-experienced neurotoxin injector! She uses not only Botox, but also Xeomin, Jeuveau, and Dysport, (and will inject Revance, which is made in the USA and is the first neurotoxin to last average 6 months, as soon as the FDA approves it!), tailoring the recommendations to your face.

The results of these products show up within a week in 90% of people, and within the 2nd week in the other 10%. Used correctly in millions of people since the early 1980’s, they have an incredible safety and efficacy record.

Come see if you are a candidate, and see why Dr. Kessler Hudak has had people coming to her from many other states for more than 20 years who “won’t trust their face to any other injector!”

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