Dry Eye

Dry Eye is one of the most common disorders of the eyes. It is estimated that one-in-five Americans have Dry Eye. It is manifest with symptoms of redness, burning, mildly itchy, irritated, tired eyes, fluctuations in vision, pain (ranging from short bursts of sharp, fleeting pain to long bouts of achey pain), and increased tearing. The increased tearing is actually an increase in reflex tears—those tears that your lid glands produce in response to something that is irritating your eye.

Dry Eye Treatment in Raleigh

Dr. Hudak will examine your eyes, looking for problems that could affect any of the 3 layers of the tear film. The management or treatment of Dry Eye involves treating the causes of Dry Eye. Oftentimes the problem is only an insufficient quantity of basal tears, in which case you will be asked to use a high quality, preservative-free, artificial lubricant drop and/or gel. She has a list of recommended drops and gels. Sometimes you need to take allergy eye drops, or treat the blepharitis, or take Vitamin A. When the symptoms are helped with additional quantity of lubrication, punctal plugs may be recommended. Punctal plugs function as a sink stopper in part of your tear drainage system, and they can be easily pulled out (without any pain and no dilation or downtime needed) if they do too good of a job in preventing your natural tears from draining into your nose, resulting in an overflow of tears onto the cheeks. Dr. Hudak only recommends punctal plugs is she feels they are needed. Consequently, it is a very rare instance in which their removal is needed.

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