Vampire BreastLift

The Dr. Hudak's certificate in Vampire BreastliftVampire BreastLift is a non-surgical way to enhance the volume and shape of breasts. It specifically addresses the SHAPE and VOLUME of the breasts more than LIFTS the breasts. As we age, the profile view of the breasts takes on a concave shape. A Vampire BreastLift restores the rounded, convex shape, thereby improving the cleavage and shapely fullness of breast tissue. And it does this by triggering your body to produce more, normal breast tissue!!

Breast tissue is generally chock-full of stem cells, so injecting the tissue with stem cell growth factors (contained within the PRP, platelet-rich-plasma, of the blood that is collected and processed) causes a surge of increased production of normal breast tissue.

What is the difference between the PRP BreastLift and Vampire BreastLift?

The Vampire BreastLift uses hyaluronic acid filler (such as Juvederm or Restylane, Versa or Belotero) ito form “sponge pillars” that act as scaffolding, where injected, allowing a greater amount of normal breast tissue to be formed in response to the PRP. So, bottom line: you get more improvement with a Vampire BreastLift than a PRP BreastLift.

Can the Vampire BreastLift help women who have breast implants?

Yes!!!! Many ladies with implants have breasts that appear as two separated domes….and the Vampire BreastLift can give them a more naturally voluptuous look by building up the sides of the breasts facing the “gap space” between those domes with natural breast tissue.

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