Laser PhotoFacial

Originally referred to as the “Lunchtime Laser Lift,” the Laser PhotoFacial is a NO DOWNTIME procedure that uses a Nd:YAG laser in a pulsed mode to heat collagen in the skin to restore it to a youthful tightly coiled shape and promote new collagen synthesis, resulting in a mild tightening of the skin. It works especially well in thin-skinned areas, such as the neck. Results are generally optimized with a series of treatments that are repeated every month until you are happy, and then a touch up treatment or two is done every 6-9 months.

Another excellent use of this wonderful technology is the treatment of Rosacea ! Most Rosacea patients get more improvement of the redness in their faces from a Nd:YAG PhotoFacial than from an IPL. This is logical since Nd:YAG laser is known to be excellent for treating blood vessels, and Rosacea patients have many dilated capillary vessels. IPL treatments, on the other hand, are excellent at treating pigment in a wide range of skin colors, but treat the redness of dilated blood vessels less well.

To get the best results, it is often recommended to use certain skincare products that will help keep up the collagen-making momentum of the laser treatment. Product selection is customized to the patient and their treatment area.

To find out if a Laser PhotoFacial would benefit you, please make a consult with our staff or Dr. Kessler Hudak

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