Age Spot Removal

Laser Sun and Age Spot Removal in Raleigh

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With todays outdoor lifestyle, sun-damaged skin is a very common complaint among our patients and clients. Many men and women have solar lentigos (more commonly called age spots), on various parts of the body including the chest, arms, hands and face. Once these age spots or lesions have been checked by the Doctor and determined not to be malignant, they may be treated with our effective laser treatment to have them removed.

What To Expect

This skin treatment is done by directing a beam of light to an irregularity in the skin, such as an age spot. This removes the abnormality without scarring or damage, while stimulating collagen production to tighten the surrounding tissue. This can result in improved skin texture as well as reduced signs of aging. Unlike other treatments that remove an outer layer of skin and require healing time, laser treatment works by gently penetrating the skin to destroy the underlying vessels and pigment that are the problem. The outer skin itself is not damaged, thus requiring no down-time.

The treatment can be preformed in a relaxed comfortable manner without the use of a topical anesthetic or gel; the use of a cooling air system will aid with any minimal discomfort. You will be able to return to your normal daily activities immediately, though we will encourage application of sunscreen as a post-treatment precaution. (Please ask us about our amazing post-treatment, moisturizing sunscreen by iS Clinical.)

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Who Can Benefit from Laser Age Spot Removal?

We recommend laser spot removal for a variety of our patients / clients. If you have used a tanning bed or sunbathed recently, we will need to know this prior to spot removal. It may be recommended that you wait until a further examination reveals that your skin is ready for spot removal. Also, please note that best results will result from pretreatment of treated areas. We will assess the best plan of action for each individual patient, but sun & age spots may return even darker without the pretreatment of these area. We will educate you about the pretreatment of your skin and provide you with your options at the time of your free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the IPL and 755 Alexandrite?

IPL stands for intense pulse light. The IPL is used for sun damaged skin, brown spots and uneven skin tones. It has also been used to increase collagen and improve acne scars when used in addition with the LaserFacial treatment. The 755 can be used for the same treatments except it covers a smaller area at a time and the spectrum of light is more direct.

How many treatments can I expect?

It may take several treatments to get the desired results. We say to expect up 5 but in most cases it can take less and in rare cases not help at all.

What does it feel like?

It may feel like a rubber band snap, but is usually very minimal.

What can I expect after treatment?

Usually within approximately 20 minutes you will see a slightly darker color of the area treated. It can take up to 3 weeks for the discoloration to slough off. It may feel like a slight sunburn sensation for a few days following the treatment. In some cases it may look like a superficial burn and in rare cases a blister may appear. It is very important to follow all post treatment instructions and stay out the sun for at least a 4 week period following treatment to avoid irritation to the treated area. If you cannot avoid sun exposure then a sunscreen of no less than 30 SPF should be used.

How do I prepare for the treatments?

It is very important for you to stay out of the sun as you could cause discoloration in the area treated. We recommend 4 weeks prior and through out the treatments series. If you cannot avoid sun exposure you should use a minimum sun screen protection of 30 SPF or higher.