Is a fairly new procedure that creates realistic hair-like strokes that are customized for each client to achieve fuller and more natural brows.  During the initial consultation; brow mapping, measuring, and proper pigments are selected based on a client’s undertones and skin type to help ensure a happy client and beautiful brows.  These key steps are critical and help demonstrate the quality of training we have here at All About Aesthetics. You will  leave with the best brows around town.  This procedure is ideal for people who have natural brows that they wish to perfect as well as people who have no or very little brow hairs. Call All About Aesthetics for your appointment today 919-845-0333.

What to Expect 

Microblading is considered permanent make up; however, its concept is different. The ink is placed with a manual blade which is 3 times thinner and allows for crisp and natural looking micro hairs. Microblading feels like scratching on the skin (kind of like a cat scratch that burns or stings a bit) You can be numbed with topical anesthetic which is free or with a local anesthetic for $50 pretreatment, however skin does get tender and sensitive throughout the process. The results can often last for 1-3 years with proper care.

Before Your Treatment

You will set up a consultation with our Brow specialist that lasts at the most 30 minutes.  She will look at your eyebrows, talk about what to expect and listen to your concerns. After which an appointment will be scheduled for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours approximately.

After Your Treatment

A Touch-up appointment is required after the initial microblading procedure This usually lasts about 1.5 to 2 hrs. This will ensure your brows are just the way you like and you are happy with the results!  

Every client will also need a Perfecting Session 4-8 weeks post 1st treatment.

Before and Afters

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